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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas and holiday season with family and friends, I look forward to a fantastic New Year.

In the midst of all your Christmas shopping and festivities, please never forget the true “Reason for the Season.” Thank you for your loyal support the past year.

The next s2s blog will resume Monday, January 5th.

Merry Christmas!



If you are a coach, department leader or led people at any level, you’ve come across
followers who would rather “ACT” the part than “DO” their part.
These type are what I refer to as “pretenders.” They masquerade as a player, however their
actions do not back up their words. It’s important to identify all the pretenders within a team
and organization, because otherwise, they will steal momentum and damage relationships.
Pretenders look the part, talk the part, and claim the part, however they fall short of fulfilling
the part.
Below are some specific differences to be on guard for between a “Player” and a “Pretender.”

They have a mindset to serve.

They do things for the benefit of others and the organization.

They are conscience of the mission.

They give up position to fulfill the mission.

They can deliver the goods.

They are a team member that can be counted on to complete a task.

They are passionate about their job.

They are devoted to the team and want to see the team succeed.

Their work is fulfilling and meaningful.

They are devoted to doing things with excellence.
They enjoy seeing other team members succeed because it benefits all.
They value character and integrity.
They are loyal.
They are self-less.
They can make the hard choices and decisions.
They finish well.
They will always ADD to the team’s effort.
They have a mind-set to be served – not to serve.
They are self centered.
They think of only what benefits them and their career.
They are position conscience.
They will give up the team mission to achieve position.
They only promise the goods but rarely deliver them.
They claim the ability to complete a task, however rarely follow through to completion.
They are job hunters.
They are not devoted to team success.
They are devoted to their own success at any cost, including that of other team members.
They try to appear competent – but cannot be competent.
They value self-image.
They will often only do the right things when others are looking.
They seek to make the easy choices and decisions that will benefit only them.
They fade out.
They cost the team – not add to the team.
Knowing the difference between the two will help you identify players and pretenders on your
team, staff and organization, and will help add value and health to your organization in
order to get the job done most effectively. DO, don’t just ACT. Have a great week!
I will be taking a few weeks off from blogging. The next blog will be Monday Dec, 22nd.