Monthly Archives: March 2017


Any Major League Baseball executive, manager, coach or scout will tell you that the success of their team is directly tied to having an “ACE” on your pitching staff. If you don’t have an ace, chances are it’s going to be a long year.

In my book, an “ACE” clearly understands that “people” are more important than “process.”

An “ACE” on the baseball field or in the boardroom is defined by the following….

Attitude – Someone who is positive regardless of the circumstances around them.They choose to see the glass half full rather than half empty. They maintain a positive attitude regardless of what they are up against.

Character – Someone who has high integrity and who is trustworthy. They are the same person no matter who is watching. They can be counted on and they honor their word.

Enthusiasm – Someone who brings great energy and passion into their day. They love what they do and are thankful for getting to do it. They bring life to the team.

Be an A-C-E this week. Focus on your Attitude, Character and Enthusiasm and watch the impact you will have on your team, organization and those around you.

The world we live in need more “ACES.” Be worth being!

Have a great week!