Sadly, we live in a “Me First” society. Get all I can, can all I get, and sit on the rest mentality. Don’t believe me? Take a picture with a group of people and then look at the picture. The first place your eyes will go too is…Y.O.U!

This week you will make several important decisions, however you will make one particular, very important decision. You will either be a taker or a giver. What is the difference? I’m so glad you asked.

TAKERS: Are self absorbed; Toxic; Complain; Blame; Selfish; Bragging; Negative; Feel entitled; Gossip; Kill the dreams of others; Take from others; User of others; Cut corners; Do only what’s best for them; Are never satisfied.

Givers: Prioritize others before self; Listen; Understand who they are; Take responsibility; Share; Patient; Encourage others; Serve the team’s interest before themselves; Understand that satisfaction comes from giving, not getting. 

You see, there are two kinds of people and leaders in this world: Givers & Takers. The takers may eat better…but the givers sleep better.

This week it’s time to make a decision. What type of leader will you be?  What type of character will define you?  Will you be a taker or a giver?  Only you can make the choice. I encourage you to chose wisely!

Have a great week!



What is one way you hope to be a giver this week?